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Player Name: Drascin
Personal LJ: can_not_fly
AIM Contact: Drascin
Character Name: Pit
Source Canon: Kid Icarus Uprising
Community Tag: Pit

Notes: Palutena is extremely important to Pit, and is usually watching over him and interjecting, as she can see and talk through his laurel wreath. In effect, she's an attached character, like the PreDesu AIs. Contact can be severed through a variety of means, but whenever Pit loses contact with Palutena, he grows increasingly restless.

Also, in Uprising, most of the time Pit gets out of his vehicles to duel the bosses on foot. Here, instead, to make it more fun for multiplayer missions, we'll be doing the reverse, and giving mechs to the bosses... at least the ones who aren't already the size of Godzilla, because those ones really don't need any more help.

Background: Pit used to be nothing but a young cherub among many in Skyworld, back in the day. He never was special, except for being particularly devoted to their Lady, Palutena. He lived a happy, simple life.

And then the army of Medusa, Goddess of Darkness, assaulted Skyworld, as Medusa wanted revenge on Palutena for turning her into a hideous monster. The underworld troops beat the (outnumbered twenty to one) Centurions with ease, tossing them in various cells in the Underworld, and Medusa herself took down and imprisoned Palutena in the depths of Palutena's own Temple in Skyworld, savoring the irony. Most of the best warriors were tossed in the deepest cells, and all hope seemed to be lost.

But it was Pit's newbieness that gave him a chance. He was not guarded as closely as most, and so Palutena could send him a single gift - a silver bow. It was not a very powerful weapon, as little was what she could squeeze through the prison of Medusa - but it was a weapon, and Pit was brave. So he killed his captors and started the grueling climb, from the depths of the Underworld to Skyworld itself, taking down Medusa's monsters to recover the mighty Three Sacred Treasures that they took from the Temple of Palutena and use them to be able to face Medusa. A little cherub with a dinky bow against Cerberus, Hydra, Pandora, and Medusa herself, his chances did not look very good, but he went for it nonetheless.

In the end, against all odds, he actually won, and Medusa was destroyed, seemingly forever. For that, Palutena promoted him and made him High Captain of her guard and her personal aide, and he became the greatest hero among the Skyworld angels.

In that, twenty five years passed.

And suddenly, the Underworld army was attacking again. That could only mean one thing - somehow, against all logic, Medusa had resurrected. And again it comes down to Pit, this time aided by his goddess Palutena, to take her down again once and for all!

As Pit comes into SRWUG@, the war against Medusa has advanced already. One of her generals is down, and Pit and Palutena are closing in. So Medusa tries a change of tactic, and heads through the veil of the Galactic Sea to find another world, one where her hounds wouldn't follow so as to build herself to greater strengths and find greater weapons. This world happens to be Earth. Palutena manages to catch whiff of one of Medusa's desperate waypoints, and Pit hurtles through it, in hot pursuit of Thanatos, god of Death and one of the two right hands to Medusa, and his flunky Hydra.

And from this... the whole clusterfuck starts.

Personality: Pit is, first and foremost, a cheery guy. Always optimistic, never giving up, always heroic, Pit is a person you can trust to always see the silver ining in every cloud and to always try to see the best in everyone. Those that dislike him have defined him as "obnoxiously cheery".

This hides a bit of a nastier side. In fact, Pit genuinely likes to fight, and relishes the thrill of combat. His unbreakable desire to be a hero and moral sense and his steadfast oath to help and protect Palutena temper his love of fighting and keep him pointed in the good direction - but it's hard to miss that Pit loves to find justified enemies to fight against. This can sometimes cause him a lot of grief, as he jumps too eagerly and then regrets it (as happened with his fighting a Dark Lord in Uprising and then almost breaking at discovering it was in fact a posessed human).

Incidentally, while we're on that, Pit is a tad morally naive. He's not an idiot, but he does have a tendency to see the world in black and white, and does not take the concepts of "acceptable losses" and "justified atrocity" very well. To him, bad acts are bad acts, and good acts are good acts - people who are evil can redeem into good and be forgiven if they are really sorry and mend their ways, and people who are good can definitely go evil, but he tends to take it as a very personal failure if doing an evil act for the greater good becomes necessary, and he's very likely to contest the necessity in the first place. He's quick to outrage at needless cruelty, and quick to forgive if there is remorse.

He is also incredibly devoted to his goddess Palutena. If Palutena says jump, Pit does not ask how high - because he's already starting the run-up for the jump before she's finished the sentence. His faith on her is absolute - he is certain that she will never lead him astray and that she is a very intelligent and reliable person, so he rarely takes a decision without asking his goddess for her opinion. In fact, he is a little dependent on her - whenever he is forced (rather than chooses) to spend some time without contact with her for whatever reason, he grows increasingly restless and fidgety.

As for Palutena's personality... unsurprisingly, Pit's goddess is a fair deal less naive than he is. She is goodhearted in general, and among the entities that are called "gods" in Pit's world she is by far the most pro-humanity, but as a being who has seen many wars and lived for several millenia, she has many dark reaches that one would definitely not expect the Goddess of Light to have. She tries to keep this hidden, because she really would prefer to be able to be as carefree as she appears, but it shines through with relative frequency, as she is usually the one that scolds Pit on his black-and-white outlook most frequently.

She is also a bit of a goofball and a troll. Palutena loves to poke lighthearted fun at Pit (and most of the other gods), to the point of small pranks and outright making Pit believe the most outlandish things - and Pit tends to respond in kind, though lacking his goddess's wit, he is rarely the one coming on top of the ribbing competitions.

This is an important note. While, technically, Pit and Palutena are minion and boss, in truth, they are more close to being old pals. Pit talks to Palutena without a hint of stiffness (which he extends to most other gods and which gets him called out on tone by the servants of other gods with unsurprising regularity) and they joke around continuously.

Capabilities and Resources: Despite his carefree personality and not very intimidating appearance, Pit is in fact a really dangerous combatant in his own right. Wielding energy weapons made by Dyntos, and posessing strength far beyond that of a human, in addition to the magical blessings given to him by Palutena, he's much more dangerous than his short size would lead one to assume.

In addition, he is the High Captan of the Icarus Army, which means that in all of Skyworld, he answers only to Palutena herself, and he has full command of the hundreds of Centurions in the army. However, the fact of the matter is that it takes Palutena a lot of power to send stuff through worlds, and that while the Centurions do mean well, the poor things just aren't very effective at... well, mostly everything. So Pit never brings them in, preferring to solo things. In effect, for most intents and purposes his command might as well not exist.

Also, he can heal actual bleeding wounds by simply bathing in hotsprings. Nobody, not even Palutena herself, is quite sure how that works. Leading theory is that he's just so much of a hotspring fanatic he's not actually aware that they don't actually have miraculous properties.

Also, important note: Despite having wings, Pit can't fly. At all. Not even a flutter. This is an extremely, extremely sore matter to him.


Being the captain of the guard of a being revered as a goddess (who happens to be acquaintances with one of the best designers of magical tech in the world) has its perks! In Pit's case, these perks are the posession of not one, but three personal combat vehicles for different situations.

Robot Name: Cherubic Assault Robot (Cherubot)
Robot Description: Roughly six meters tall, this hovering open-cockpit mech (affectionately dubbed "Cherubot") is a gift from the God of Craftsmen himself and the best weapon in the arsenal of the Icarus Army, due to the power of its weaponry and incredible toughness (not very fast, however), and thus has been assigned to Pit personally. It's packing a retractable, blessed ball and chain in its left arm for melee, which can either be locked in place for punching or given slack to act as a three-meter-diameter flail. The right hand is a Temple Cannon with two modes, gatling-style rapidfire and more powerful but slower charged shots. It also has a 360º energy shockwave generator for emergencies. Additionally, as the mech is open-cockpit, Pit can also take shots on his own. To help Pit, the Arrows of Light get installed into Cherubot's Temple Cannon to turn it into a powerful Sacred Light Buster capable of finishing off gods.

Additionally, Palutena's power of flight does not work through such distance between worlds, but she can manage to send him a Flight module after the first mission, which gets installed into Cherubot. It's not the best thing ever, but it allows Pit to stay airborne for a while, at least!
Terrain Stats:
Land: A (S against godly beings due to the Sacred Light Buster)
Air: - (B with the Gift of Flight Module)
Sea: -
Space: -

Robot Name: Exorcism Tank (Exo-Tank)
Robot Description: Basically an amphibious antigrav tank. The exotank is a tough, low-profile vehicle that looks like an overgrown speeder. For armament, it packs a spreadfire main cannon and several side turrents - and Pit also had a large orichalcum halberd-prong attached to the front, so as to be able to more properly ram people. On land, it can't rise over about a foot from a solid surface. In water, it can propel and steer itself freely. It packs a punch and is generally very reliable, if not flashy. Also, it has a pretty awesome top speed, but is not very great at that whole "braking" thing - handle with care!
Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: -
Sea: B
Space: -

Robot Name: Aether Orrery (Aether Ring)
Robot Description: A very strange contraption. Spinning golden rings form an orrery, and the pilot floats in the middle, piloting it through an interface that looks like a smaller orrery. Once the pilot is inside, it seals with a powerful airtight forcefield. It is the one space-capable vehicle in the Icarus Army panoply. It's very fast, incredibly maneuverable, and can cover itself with a powerful damaging energy field for defense and ramming. I'm sure everyone is picking up on a theme among Pit's vehicles, here. Sadly, its dual energy guns are not quite to the standards of the Cherubot's arm cannon and ball, and while the ramming energy field is really powerful and can intercept most projectiles and disperse them, the ring itself is not awesomely durable otherwise, so the pilot has to be continuously on the ball.
Terrain Stats:
Land: C
Air: -
Sea: B
Space: A

Upgrades: Spoilers!

Job: High Captain of Palutena's Icarus Army

Suggested Event List:

It should be noted that the Kid Icarus canon is ridiculously filled with plot twists and turns. Due to the nature of a crossover game, only a small section of the game will be actually covered.

I should probably first of all explain slightly the three main enemy factions.

The Underworld Army: Medusa (and later Hades's) troops. Medusa simply wants to loot Earth for weaponry she can use against Palutena, in revenge. Hades, on his end... mostly wants to kill people and motivate the humans to fight each other harder, because he loves watching humans kill each other and he gains power with every soul to boot. It's pretty filled to the brim with kaijus of all stripes and colors, and follows a combined arms doctrine that offsets their individual troops' weakness with varied weaponry.

The Forces of Nature: Powerful biotitans under the command of Viridi, goddess of Nature. Most frequently being organically-grown imitations of technology, Viridi's soldier roster includes things like seven-meter tall tree-mechs, invis-cloaking giant mantis monsters, small suicide-bomb creatures that swarm and explode when feeling the shot of a laser weapon anywhere nearby, flying murderous giant acorns, and so on. Also a goddamn Death Star disguised as a moon. Most of them have rather cutesy names, because Viridi likes them so.

Viridi comes into the world to take down Hades, who she hates - but is enraged at the state Earth's natural world is in due to the wars of humans, and focuses her fury on the battling humans, her army entering ongoing battles to annihilate both sides before they harm the world further.

The Aurum: The Aurum are extradimensional invaders attracted by conflict. Earth sure has a bunch of that lately, so it should come as no surprise to see them here. The best way to define them would be "Antispiral locusts" - they are polygonal-looking, extremely order-heavy robots that come into worlds with their humongous fleet of floating islands armed to the teeth and haphazard-looking (but deadly effective) dreadnoughts, and raze them until they hit the chewy lava center for materials and technology to grow stronger. They are a hivemind controlled by a central brain.

Their main advantages are their incredible ability to copy designs (within minutes of making contact, the Earth forces can expect to be fighting knockoffs of Zakus, GMs, Invaders, and who the fuck knows what else, by the dozen), their numbers, and their absolute lack of a survival instinct that makes them perfectly willing to blow each other up without remorse if it would take out enemies, as most of the robotic drones do not actually have any free will.

So, plot progression and event list (under work). I have also noted which missions would lend themselves well to battle logs, because I think they're a pretty neat idea in general.

Mission: A Divine Meeting! During an entirely unrelated mission, a battl spills over from another world! Thanatos, God of Death, and his flunky Hydra, have arrived to the world barely a few minutes ago - but soon they find Pit and Cherubot hounding them relentlessly, and they try to escape while their army divisions slow him down. Thankfully, the Chalice forces are nearby to help Pit catch Thanatos and take him down, and take from him the key to Medusa's fortress.

Premission/Combat log:  Medusa's fortress is discovered, the dimensional gate to it is opened (Can double as combat log if desired, as Underworld armies sprout from there like crazy)
Mission: Face to Face with Darkness! Strike team assault on Medusa's fortress while the Chalice holds the armies. Medusa's flunkies try to stop us, directed by Pandora, Goddess of Calamity and master trickster. Once Pandora is out, Medusa comes out for the boss fight, first in her fifty-metre tall monster-sorceress form and then, drowning in infinite hate for Pit and Palutena, turning into her real form, a huge deformed beholder-like glob of eyes and snakes. Still, with the help of Pit's new friends, she is defeated, and all is well again, hooray us!

Aftermission reveal:...except nope! Turns out, the reason for the mysterious resurrection of Medusa? Hades, god of the Underworld, resurrected her for fun. And killing her brought his eye on us - on Earth. He pleasantly informs us that causing Armaggeddon on our little planet sounds like such an enchanting time, and that we'll be seeing him soon! And indeed, soon enough, random strike teams of underworld forces begin attacking random settlements, probing the forces defending Earth for now... and making it look like it was another faction for laughs (we could have a log for a random attack some time later down the line and such, to drive it home).

Pre-mission Log: Genesic Wrath. While we're so distracted trying to find where the hell Hades is basing himself to cut his guerillas at the source plus dealing with the million other forces attacking Earth, another player appears. During a battle the Federation was having against an enemy faction, suddenly a massive unidentified object falls from orbit and crashes in the middle of the battlefield, utterly annihilating both sides to nothing, a true colony drop. Soon the voice of a new goddess resounds over the destroyed mechs and dead bodies - Viridi, Goddess of Nature, has decided to change her target from Hades to humanity first, intending to save the planet and wipe out the warring humans that infest it. To this end, she's using Reset Bombs - enormous bioweapons that fall to the ground like an orbital bombardment, annihilate all humans in a huge radius, and then open up to jumpstart the ecosystem again. Within hours, the area impacted by the bomb is starting to develop into a lush greenfield with water fountains and vegetation in the middle of Earth's barren landscape... as the hundreds of mechs and their dead pilots are decomposed into nothingness.
Mission: An End To Genesis. Right as Viridi throws her second Reset Bomb, Palutena manages to track down the source - a cloaked floating island base. We rush to intercept before it reaches the ground, destroying it mid-flight and rushing for the island to take down the factory-orchard where Viridi grows her Reset Bombs. We are of course faced with the Forces of Nature, Viridi's army of biological monsters, who are none too pleased with the idea, under the command of Phosphora, servant of Viridi and powerful Lightning sorceress and swordswoman... and Hades's forces, who are trying to hijack it to cause even more mayhem (of course), commanded by a resurrected Thanatos in Dragon form. So the whole thing devolves into a melee a trois clusterfuck. In the end, though, we manage to blow up the place before it can launch another bomb, and Phosphora's mech is totaled and she's forced to retreat. The Forces of Nature will have to stand back for a while.

They're not done for, however...

Mission: The Lunar Sanctum (AKA That's No Moon). After being trounced by the Chalice and failing to even get a good swipe at Hades, Viridi is pissed. So she decides to dispense with subtleties and take over the hard way  - and soon in the sky suddenly pops a new moon. That's the Lunar Sanctum, the greatest battlestation of the Forces of Nature, bristling with enough weapons and minions to conquer a planet. We have to rush it while protecting the Chalice from the city-buster main beam, and take down Arlon the Serene, supreme general and master tactician of the Forces of Nature, and then the Core of the Lunar Sanctum.
Simultaneous: Combat log, Surface of the Lunar Sanctum. The thing is huge (it IS a moon) and there are mooks inside for everyone. This lends itself greatly to a combat log so everyone can have some fun!

Well, with that, Viridi is out of the running for this war for a long, long while. She still has armies, but very little in ways to project force - and she is not keen on losing more of her children to us. So we really should be able to steer back to taking care of-


Mission: The Greatest Plague. Suddenly, a bit more than a hundred of what look to be flying techno-islands of a rough reverse-pyramidal shape pop in the air, several kilometers above the ground. Nobody is sure what they mean for a short while... until they start firing powerful attractor beams straight down, razing everything, all life and soil, taking everything until they hit magma! Viridi puts past hostilities aside for a temporary alliance with us, as the Aurum are clearly far worse than humans, and we get some reinforcements. The islands are bristling with factories that turn the very Earth into enemies in record time, and their defenses are tough nuts to crack - it's not going to be efficient to take each of the island-fortresses down. But soon the group realizes that the Aurum are a hivemind taking orders from somewhere, and thus there has to be a relay. Palutena manages to track the Aurum Relay Core (just look for the island that is the most ridiculously defended, really) inside one of the islands, and we take it out - and the Aurum fortresses, lacking orders, pop out and presumably back home.
Simultaneous Combat log: Reaping the Reapers: Because there are roughly a hundred floating fortresses, because this is a huge battle, and because I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy a chance to take down a techno-fortress the size of Kauai island or two, I find this is appropiate for logging.

(Note: In the game, what happens is that the Sun God betrays the world and fuses with the Aurum, trying to take control of the Aurum Brain to have them at his beck and call and become supreme among the gods. Here, we are trying to reduce the NPC count, so he will not appear. However, any ideas as to a villain that would indeed try to take control of the Aurum so as to canon weld a bit would be welcome!)

In any case, the Aurum have retreated for now, clealy having seen that it's not worth it. Orrrr not.

Mission: The Aurum Fleet. So, be it because one of our other villains has fused with the Aurum Brain, be it simply because the Aurum Brain is a terribly sore loser, the Aurum come back, and this time they aren't sending the harvesters, they're sending the dreadnoughts. The sky is clouded by a gazillion ships of haphazard design (and a spherical mothership bigger than the Moon) as the Aurum come with the clear intention of total war against all of the Earth Sphere, forcing all kinds of factions to work together for a while to repel the planet-ending threat. But it's not a battle that can be really won by force of arms alone - they're too numerous, perfectly coordinated, and are recycling each others' parts as we kill them. We need to strike at the center. And that means someone has to rush the Aurum Brain, in the thickest part of it, inside the hugenormous and nearly imperviously shielded mothership. And, unsurprisingly? We're it.
Simultaneous Combat Log: Their Ships Shall Blot Out The Sun. Well, this is less a mission and more a continent-wide event, due to the sheer scale. Log seems appropiate.

Anyway, finally taking down the Brain ends the Aurum once and for all, at last, and we've even made somewhat friends with Viridi, who seems willing to be giving humans one probation chance after our fights together. Yay us, we have saved Earth!

...wait, aren't we forgetting about someone...?

Mission: Hades Strikes Back! (should be soon after the previous). He definitely was not forgetting about us, though, seems. Hades, being the dick he is, while we're still reeling from the Aurum sends a gross force to crush the Chalice, having identified it as the greatest possible problem. In fact, mid-mission, Hades himself pops up by surprise, showing a kind of overwhelming power that he should not have. Trying to fight him, Pit gets his ass utterly stomped, Hades devours Cherubot, and after a desperate battle the Chalice manages to make him retreat temporarily thanks to the help of none other than Viridi of all people, who drops her only remainder Reset Bomb right on top of Hades's head and sends the remainder of her Forces of Nature, directed by Phosphora, to distract him and save us.
Simultaneous Battle Log: Defend the Chalice! Yeah, so we're being attacked and given positively no quarter. People who want to help defend definitely could get their chance.

But that's not going to hold, Hades will be back soon even stronger, and we are now left without a weapon that can actually finish him off because he ATE the last one. Something has to be done...

Log: The Three Trials. And thus Pit is forced to leave the Chalice temporarily to return home and face Dyntos, the God of Craftsmen, for a new mech capable of finishing off Hades (people who have good CR with Pit can accompany and help him, as well, and earn an upgrade or two from the bored master of mechanics). After the trials (which end up being more like seven rather than three because gods are dicks), Pit gets his final upgrade, the Great Sacret Treasure.

And so, only one thing left!

Mission and Canon Finale: Final Struggle! An End to Darkness - Assault on Hades! With the power of the Great Sacred Treasure and the Key to the Underworld given by Dyntos, Pit is ready to take the fight to the source - Hades himself! Hades is not going to give up easily, however, and he's fueled up on souls in the meantime. It's a huge battle that ends up spilling back onto Earth, as every part of Hades is a weapon. But in the end, with a desperate move even as the Great Sacred Treasure is almost falling apart, Hades is finally vanquished, and without his focus, all his troops are forced to vanish from Earth and return to the Underworld.

After all that, we have, finally, won.

High fives all around!

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